How to?

If students decide to complete the Sustainability Certificate, they should first familiarise themselves with the current catalogue of courses. This is where the courses that can be recognised under the NAO are collected before each semester. Then they should follow these steps:

  1. Check at which time the basic course takes place.
  2. Check whether the catalogue contains courses that can be taken as (elective) compulsory modules in the regular degree programme.
  3. Research and analyse which offered courses sound interesting and check whether they correspond to your own academic level (usually Bachelor's/Master's) and how many CPs you need to acquire.
  4. Register for the course(s) in the regular way and, if necessary, follow the instructions concerning the NAO and/or write an e-mail to the lecturer.

The achievements are deposited in the "file" at the examination office. As soon as students have fulfilled the requirements for the certificate, they can report to the NAO contact person and their achievements will then be checked. The sustainability certificate is issued separately from the final certificate and is not linked to it.

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