The Sustainability Certificate

The OvGU Magdeburg Sustainability Certificate is a transdisciplinary, cross-curricular study programme for all those who are properly enrolled at OvGU. It is implemented by the Chair of Political Science with a Focus on Sustainable Development. It can be acquired by participating in several courses from different disciplines and is then attached to the diploma. It can serve as a profile in the study programme as well as a professional qualification and aims at competence development in the sense of education for sustainable development.

Threats such as climate change, scarcity of resources or social injustice are the central and global challenges of our time. How we face them defines the future of humanity, ecosystems and wildlife. "Sustainability" has become a trendy word and yet must be seen as a core element of transformation processes. Our understanding of sustainability is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and includes ecological, economic and social strands.

Students are change agents of today and multipliers of tomorrow, for whom the OvGU Sustainability Certificate (NAO) was created. The NAO is a course of study in which complex topics of (non-)sustainable development are to be dealt with critically and scientifically in order to be able to help shape a future in line with the mission statement.

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